The Brentwood Arts Therapy Centre was born in March 2023.

For many years, Irene Malvezi, qualified Artist and Art Psychotherapist, had a vision to bring Art Therapy to her local community. It has now been materialised into a professional Centre in Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex. It is an inclusive, safe and inspirational space, offering professional mental health support through Art Therapy and other healing/arts/outdoor workshops organised and delivered by Irene herself, and other professionals in the field.


To bring awareness of the benefits of Art Therapy, which is guided by the evidence of its efficacy of the clinical work in helping people to change their lives.

Making Art Therapy more recognisable for supporting, improving and maintaining mental health and wellbeing to all, offering one-to-one sessions and group work.

Making Art Therapy inclusive to all who seek help, making it available to all people coming from self-referrals or via GPs, Psychiatrists, Teachers, Social Workers or other professional colleagues.

To supporting a diverse community against prejudice and discrimination helping people to develop self-knowledge and their potentials through arts and psycho education.


About Irene Malvezi


In June 2018 I completed a Masters Degree in Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths University, London.

I am now a HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) registered Art Psychotherapist.

As a trainee I provided Art Psychotherapy for individuals and groups for a community Wellbeing Project in Chalkwell Park, organised by the Southend Borough Council and in a NHS community adult mental health centre for adults in London, Romford area.

I have worked with clients with early relational trauma, sexual abuse, dementia, anxiety, depression and learning disabilities in both indoor and outdoor settings.



I recognise nature's therapeutic effects and I am interested in ways to explore the self through the relationship with the environment as well as the use of natural materials for self-expression. In 2017 I completed the 'Introduction to Environmental Arts Therapy' outdoor training through the London Art Therapy Centre and in January 2019 I started the Weald Park Wellness Group. Please see more information on my Weald Park Wellness Group page from my personal website.



As a Freelancer Art Facilitator, I have been working with adults with learning disabilities for Frontline Partnership Ltd since 2014, a charity that promotes inclusion within our community in Brentwood and beyond.

It's been a joy and an honour to be able to work for them. Since 2021 I have been organising yearly Art Exhibitions at Brentwood Library for Frontline's Café Art group, which have emphasised client's enthusiasm and confidence to create art as well as generating funds for the work to be continued. Please see more information on my Community Work page from my personal website.

I have also worked as an Inclusion Support Worker at The Gates since 2018, a charity organisation in Brentwood, which provides a beautiful setting for indoors and outdoors horticultural and art activities for adults with learning disabilities.

The potential to develop a variety of indoors and outdoors wellbeing projects for the benefit of my community is huge. I am very excited about the future and I hope I can continue helping with my art and psychotherapy skills, especially now in the Brentwood Arts Therapy Centre.

For more information on my career as ARTIST AND DESIGNER and other works in the community please visit my personal website at www.irenemalvezi.co.uk

My Contact Details:

Mobile: 07715601222 - Email: